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Functionality, individuality, ecology and respect for enviroment in which we live and work...

This is how we can present environmental friendly philosophy of architecture. Nowadays in architecture veneer gradually let its place for functionality and natural beauty. Most important is frugality, lasting and reducing of negative effect to environment.

Let’s think about ecology not like as splendor for which we should pay more but like ecological solutions which not only cost more but also helps to save money, especially long-term perspective. That’s why warm minimalism which is dominating in nowadays architecture, we are using non-cost resources like light, space, landscape and innovative ideas in our projects.


Studio design ARCHIPROJEKTAI works from the beginning of 2007. A small group of architects and designers designs buildings of various purposes, preferring individual homes and buildings associated with relaxation . A lot of attention paid to new materials and new technologies, cost-effective construction solutions. Try to make each new object is a special, peculiar architectural decisions, so you don't have a "model" projects.

We hope that their competence and professional work will fulfill your desires and expectations.





We have extensive experience in the preparation of technical projects (TPs), the EU Structural Funds support.